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Online Vision Test – Have They Come to Replace In-Person Eye Tests?

Around 14 million Americans aged 12 and above have distance visual acuity of 20/50 and at least 11 million of them could have improved it to 20/50 through refractive correction. Only a small percentage of people with vision problems see an eye specialist. Many of them feel that driving to an eye clinic is too much of a commitment and are joining the growing trend of online eye exams.

Online eye exams:

Online eye exams sound like an appealing option for many. You don’t have to make prior appointments and you don’t have to spend time on commute. You just need a smartphone app or a computer. The test usually measures a person’s visual acuity, refractive error, contrast sensitivity and color blindness.

You’ll receive the results of the exam within 24 hours and some include prescription for glasses along with it. You’ll be required to pay to access the results. You can check the results with an eye-doctor in your state and receive a prescription. This method of obtaining a prescription isn’t considered valid in many states.

Need for in-person eye exam:

Online eye exams have a fair share of downfalls. It checks only the general health of your eye. They can be helpful in situations only when your old glasses are damaged/ lost and you need a new one at the earliest. Regular in-person eye exam is the best way to take care of your eye health. If you are looking for ophthalmologists in Australia, visit PersonalEyes.Com.Au.

Their chain of clinics is one among the top clinics for vision correction and offer top-notch and personalised services. Their experienced team will run several tests that aren’t covered in online eye exams and assess your eye health accurately. Certain conditions can be treated if they are identified at the earliest, which is possible only through in-person eye exams.

Problems with online eye test:

Unlike in-person eye exams, online ones don’t measure eye function and take the patient’s history into consideration. Many tests that are critical to determine a person’s eye health isn’t included with online eye tests. The risks of online eye test include:

  • Absence of trained eye-specialist to examine your eyes during the test
  • Online exams don’t check for cataracts, diabetic eye diseases, glaucoma etc. Early detection of these could prevent vision loss.
  • There are chances of incorrect results that leads to incorrect prescription for eye glasses. Such glasses cause headache and eye strain.
  • Not ideal for those who have major vision problems/ strong prescription for eye glasses

When is online eye test beneficial?

Online eye exams can never replace in-person eye exams.  Only people between 18 and 39 years of age can benefit from online eye exams if:

  • The results of their routine eye tests are normal
  • They don’t have risk of high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Have mild prescription glasses already

The risks are high when you replace regular eye exams with online ones. American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests taking in-person eye exams every 5 years. Online tests are okay as long as you don’t skip your regular in-person eye-exams.

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