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Good Reasons to Drug Test Your Employees

Drug testing in the workplace and the main reasons why it’s done, can often be misunderstood. Many employees may have a negative perception of workplace drug testing, thinking it is derived from the company because of the lack of trust they have in their employees. On the other side, employees can tend to think of drug testing only in terms of business protection from any of the harmful effects that drug usage can cause. The truth is, the reasons that drug tests are performed reach out a lot further than many may realize. Some companies perform employee drug testing in Brandon, MS, for reasons of morality, laws, safety, and protection. Here are some of the good reasons to drug test your employees.

As a Drug Usage Deterrent

If your company makes it clear that you perform drug testing, then this can greatly affect the type of individuals that you attract. If those who use drugs know that you perform drug testing, then they will mostly be discouraged from applying at all and look somewhere else with lower standards. When it comes to current employees, knowing that the workplace performs drug testing can often prevent them from any illegal drug usage at all.

For a Productive Environment

Statistically, when an employee uses drugs, they are approximately one-third less productive than an employee who doesn’t engage in such activities. The business arena is very competitive, and most business owners know and understand this. Drops in production due to the use of drugs or alcohol, is not a hit that many companies are willing to take. It is much better to perform the drug testing, weed out the bad apples, and save yourself from any potential headaches down the line.


Employees who abuse drugs or alcohol can greatly threaten the safety and security of other employees, or anyone on or off the premises, including customers. Anyone around them could be in danger. This can especially be the case if your work environment is one that involves the use of heavy machinery, cooking, food preparation, lifting, and more. Issues can also be presented if there are specific instructions that must be adhered to for the creation of a product. If the details are not properly followed, then this could lead to an injury to a customer, which could lead to a company lawsuit, and other avoidable issues.

The value to be gained, the headaches and risks avoided, is why drug testing in Brandon MS should be performed.

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