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Do You Know the Truth About Drug Testing for Your Teens?

There are home drug-testing kits that are sold on the Internet which can make it easier for parents to get their children tested for illegal substances. However, that kind of approach is always not the best idea.

There are few possible drawbacks that parents must consider before going for their kids’ drug-test. It will be always better to walk in drug screens in Minnesota to confirm whether your children are really taking drugs.

Usually, there can be 2 reasons why parents consider home drug testing:

  • As preventive measure
  • As investigative tool.
  1. As preventive measure

As a preventive step, probably you will work on the assumption that if children know that they will be tested on a regular basis, then it is less likely that they will take drugs.

However, this theory is not supported by a scientific research. As a matter of fact, few studies have been conducted randomly about children’s drug testing at school and also at home, but it has shown no effect on reducing the percentage of drug or alcohol users.

Results were in fact a mixed one hence nothing can be concluded.

Home tests can also be sidestepped

The problem with prevention theory is that there can be no single drug test, which will check for all types of possible drugs that your child may be using.

You may test for one drug set then they may switch to some other type of drug, but your test will show they have not used drugs at all.

      2. As investigative tool

In case, you want to use home-drug test meant for investigative purpose, then chances are that you have noticed certain change in behavior of your child or their attitude, and hence you think they may be tested for drug use.

Your purpose of doing test is just to conform whether your doubt is really correct or not.

Basic problem of doing home drug tests for investigating your children’s probable drug use is such home testing alone will not really accomplish too much by itself.

Those who advocate such drug tests meant for children either at home and school also warn that it’s very important to couple these testing with complete assessment as well as treatment plan.

Damaging your relationship

One important drawback of considering home drug test by parents for their children is that it may damage your trust with the child.

If drug testing is done at home, by either taking or without taking the consent of adolescent ten it can seriously damage parent-child relationship.

Many teens may perceive it as forced drug testing by parents which is invasive and also violation of rights too. Though you are not a police, but you are playing that role in life of your child.

What steps to take?

Concerned parents must take their children, whom you suspect of using alcohol or drugs to any primary care physician/healthcare professionals for professional assessment.

In case your child really is involved with substance abuse then healthcare professional will certainly know.

For those who require professional treatment/rehabilitation then find a proper facility or program which has experience in treatment of adolescents. What will work for adults may always not work very well for teens.

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