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Tips on Choosing and Buying an Emotional Support Dog Harness

An ESA dog vest is highly recommended when you’re traveling with your ESA. While it isn’t legally mandatory to have one, it does make your furry companion distinguishable from the other pets.You can also easily access areas where animals aren’t normally allowed. Here are some tips on choosing and buying one:

Mind the Size

A large harness can be easily taken off by your pet, butit can make themuncomfortable if it’s too small. To determine the right size, get the necessary measurements of your dog. Start with their waist, which is just behind their front legs. Next, get the length of their neckline, and add another inch to give your companion enough breathing space.Once you have the necessary measurements, you may ask the store staff for assistance, and they’ll provide you with options.

Check the Material

An ESA vest comes in different types of fabric. It’s essential to consider these materials to guarantee its durability and your partner’s comfort.

If your dog has long fur, chooseone that’s made of soft nylon straps, so they won’t overheat. Also, the lightweight material will keep it from pulling too much. Leather is another great option, but since it’s stronger and thicker,it’s better for short-haired breeds, like beagles, foxhounds, and terriers.

Get Add-Ons

You canalso add different features to your dog’s harness. Paddings and reflectors are just 2 examples.

Paddingsor strap wraps made of either polyester or cotton are useful. They have Velcro strips that arewrapped around the collar of the harnessto add a cushion on the neck of your pet. They prevent your dog from getting hurt if they suddenly run while you’re still holding the leash, so it’s important to choose one that’s made of soft fabric. Strap wraps come in different sizes and colors, as well, so you can walk your dog in style.

If you love taking your friend for a walk at night, it’s best to get reflectors. They’re made of green or orange plastic strips that improve your dog’s visibility. In this way, they’ll be easily spotted by drivers and other road users.

An ESA dog vest is essential for both you and your furry friend. Look back on these 3 tips before buying one for your companion.

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