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How You Can Select the Right Alloy?

In this small article, we shall discuss how to find various common factors and then end up selecting an alloy that can fit into your manufacturing process, buying, and application needs. Once you are clear about your objective, you must decide what alloy will be right for your product.

Several aspects must be considered during alloy selection and all that cannot always be weighted evenly. Usually, purchasing has a certain thing to consider, and Engineering may evaluate things quite differently, and also the same thing goes for Production.

Manufacturers however understand that each metal alloy has a certain property to compare against each other while deciding on any alloy for the product.

Using advanced technology, the Bisley Company now can offer several master alloys that are significantly higher concentrated forms and can produce master alloys that will offer customers a certain cost advantage.

The following are a few factors that are sometimes considered while selecting the right alloy:

  • Physical Properties

To decide the appropriate alloy meant for your application, this is one of the important factors. If you want it to expose to water, then corrosion resistance is excellent.

Few other applications may need to consider electrical, thermal, and magnetic properties. For the aerospace application, check its temperature profile. For consumer products, the aesthetic appeal becomes more important.

  • Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties can also vary greatly in alloys depending on their constituents and manufacturing process. Few other mechanical properties are:

  • Strength
  • Ductility
  • Hardness
  • Toughness

All these are controlled during processing. One may work with metallurgical engineering professionals to get the desired mechanical properties for the alloys based on your application.

  • Cost

Different alloys may have different content, and also they are processed differently. So, a certain alloy may be cheaper just as raw material, however, if its span of life is 33% of any alternative option, then will it is worth? Will by saving money now but in the term use, it may be more expensive but still a suitable/qualified option?

  • Service

In most cases, there are a few outside factors like temperature or environmental concerns that can affect the life of the product. Choosing your best possible alloy meant for your product must extend the time.

We must look deeply and determine whether it makes any sense to choose an alloy that needs more servicing, but much easier to process or a metal that needs almost no service.

  • Fabrication

For manufacturing and also producing this part, we must actually look at the right selection of its fabrication.

  • Surface Properties

There is plenty of different characteristics that may fall under the surface property category and all these are equally important to make your alloy selection that can make sense for the process and the part.

Different kind of end uses for the same part can make a manufacturer’s value different kinds of surface properties like abrasion, appearance, and a finish or the coating. You can get many different kinds of finish capabilities and all will work to reach an appropriate surface roughness as well as appearance for your particular application.

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