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What Is Angular Cheilitis And How Can CBD Help in Healing It?

The importance that the CBD or cannabinol has recently gained is immense. You all would have definitely known or heard about CBD in the recent few days. All this fame is mainly because of the advantages it has treatment of certain painful ailments and in stress management, and in treating anxiety and depression issues and the like.

These are some of the commonly known benefits of CBD. However, did you know that it can even help in treating Angular Cheilitis, a condition where the corners of our mouth become reddened, sore and the skin breaks causing pain and inflammation?

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What is Angular Cheilitis?

 The angular Cheilitis is when the corners of the lips get broken and inflamed and red patches are formed. The inflammation and soreness is either at one or both the corners of the lips simultaneously. The cracks can be very painful and can cause a lot of suffering. The other names for this are conditions are perleche or angular stomatitis.

In some cases, especially in aged people this may become chronic and it may be a regular issue where the attacks can be repetitive. Apart from the crack and redness, it may also cause wetness and occultation on the sides of the mouth.

Cause and symptoms of angular cheilitis

 The cause of this condition could be pretty simple and basic. The saliva that flows to the corner of the mouth gets dried up and ends up causing the skin to crack. Further, it gets worse when we lick the wound to soothe it.

The moisture from our saliva and the heat will cause fungus to breed and develop infection on the crack and this worsens the situation because it may even lead to blisters and swelling. This condition is more common in old age because of the dangling upper jaw or the improperly fitted jawline.

How CBD can help?

 Use of CBD infused lip balms and products are found to have following benefits in such cases –

  • CBD has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • CBD accelerates the healing capacity of our skin.
  • CBD treats pain and inflammation.

Apart from the above ways, CBD is also known to control blood sugar levels. This condition is more common in diabetic patients as they are more prone to fungal infection. So, after reading this article today, I hope that you will educate and recommend this solution, the best time you see someone suffering from this nagging annoying problem.

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