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Abusing the Opioid Codeine – Side Effects and Recovery Treatment

Codeine is an opiate that we usually find in cough syrup. Codeine along with some other medicine is also used to get relief from pain. Due to these benefits’ codeine is being used commonly by a lot of people.

When you intake codeine, morphine is produced by the liver. Morphine is an opiate family and is found in animals, humans and in some plants. Morphine deals with the central nervous system and help reduce pain. There is a possibility of abusing powerful opioids, when they don’t get the pleasure from this substance.

Addiction And Recovery

Many people don’t realize that codeine is a powerful addictive. Young adults and teens abuse codeine, with a hope that it is less dangerous, for getting a high.

Many are using code word like, little C, Cody with the sellers, to cover their abuse from their loved ones. They tend to mix it with other substances to get a better high effect and it results in affecting our central nervous system.

If you have got codeine addiction, get proper medical help. Drug rehab for couples are there to assist you, when you need it for your spouse too. In marriage life addiction can cause serious problems, even collapse your whole life. For recovery you have to work together.

Once affected with abuse of codeine, it is difficult to come out of this addiction. One may suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they stop their dosage suddenly. Symptoms may include, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss. So, you need a proper medical help.

The sooner you get treated for recovery, the lesser is the damage caused to you and your family. Prolonged addiction makes the recovery so hard. Even after your recovery treatment you should learn to manage your emotions to avoid relapse. And it is advisable to seek the help from rehab centers.

Abusing And Side-Effects Of Codeine

It is considered abuse even when you self-medicate yourself with an extra dose for your pain because you don’t get the relief from the prescribed dosage. Though you never expected high effect from this opioid, you get an impulse to have an extra dose to deal with all your pain and emotional feelings.

Codeine is an opiate family and it has psychoactive compounds and that gives a relieved feeling and calm effects. This makes the innocent user becomes dependent on this drug.

The prolonged use of codeine makes the brain to stop producing the morphine and it makes one to become more addicted to this substance. The tolerance level increases to get the same level of high effect.

Some addicts use codeine along with cannabis or heroin. Codeine when abused with other substances can cause serious respiratory problems or even death. As a result, the addict has the possibility of having a brain damage or in worst case, death also occurs.

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