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Do You Know Why Trestolone Is Considered Better Than Testosterone?

During last few years Trestolone has become quite popular, as it is considered to be much safe and also a very potent steroid. Since there is absence of any strong steroid in the market, its popularity has increased.

What Is Trestolone?

This is also known as MENT, which is synthetic androgen and is 10 times more effective as compared to testosterone. MENT will not reduce 5-alpha into DHT. As a matter of fact, it will suppress the gonadotropin release and inhibit production of sperm and testosterone.

MENT can however provide sufficient substitution therapy for all androgen dependent functions. As compared to testosterone, MENT has got faster metabolic clearance and, unlike testosterone, it will not bind to only SHBG, which is a sex-hormone binding globulin.

You can buy this steroid from Magnus pharmaceuticals who is supplying this drug to all consumers.

MENT has generated a lot of interest for various researchers for purpose of male birth control as well as hormone replacement therapy. This steroid also has the capability of muscle development which was developed during 1960.

Though, this steroid has been identified with 7-apha-methyl-nortestosterone but it also displays various characteristics of testosterone.

People who have lots of experience with steroids know very well that any 19-nor drug family can cause a number of sexual dysfunctions. Side effects can be inability of erection as well as low libido.

This is where MENT will differ from them and Trestolone is one of the only steroids available in the market which will enable men to have their normal physiology during absence of testosterone and they can have proper erection.

Those bodybuilders who are interested to gain strength with lean muscle mass as well as reduced body fat will find Trestolone as the best steroid available.

Trestolone is quite a versatile compound which can always be stacked with any other hormonal enhancers in order to get optimal results for having muscle growth and desired body physique.

Few benefits of Trestolone

Some of the benefits of Trestolone are as follows:

  • It can enhance your muscle growth
  • It will never result in any estrogen conversion
  • It is possible to stack it with any other hormonal enhancers for enhancing proper muscle growth
  • It will not bind with the SHBG
  • Can boost body strength

Few side-effects

Like many other anabolic steroids, MENT too have few potential side effects. Though only few people have reported such side effects, however it will be better to have little idea about it while consuming this steroid.

Following are few possible side effects:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Increased acne
  • Enlargement of the male breast known as Gynecomastia
  • Hair loss
  • Fat gain
  • Water retention
  • Enhanced blood pressure

Recommended dosage and use

Those who are beginners must take 50 to 75 mg/day for 4 weeks during the morning and also before bedtime for ensuring optimal gains and also boost in strength.

Those who are advanced users, must take 75 to 100 mg/day, but you must follow the following schedule.

  • During morning – 25 mg
  • During pre-workout – 25 to 50 mg
  • Before going to bed – 25 mg

You can take Trestolone orally or by injection however, the best method will be through injection.

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