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Reasons for The Popularity Behind Dental Implants – It Could Be an Answer to Your Dental Issue

As technology keeps seeing advancements in dental field, there are better options at the disposable of patients. Dental implants are considered as the next best thing to real teeth. They appear, feel and function just like normal teeth causing it to soar in popularity. In many instances, it is proven to provide greater long-term value than other teeth replacement options.

What exactly are dental implants?

They are artificial tooth roots placed into the jaw so as to replace missing teeth. A titanium screw is inserted into the patient’s jaw and used to support crown, denture or bridge.  Dental implants with attached crowns are increasingly used these days for treating single and multiple tooth loss.

Ideal candidates of dental implants:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Broken or decayed teeth that are damaged beyond repair
  • Sufficient jaw bone to support the implant
  • Presence of healthy gum tissues
  • Those who find bridge, partial denture or denture uncomfortable

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Benefits of dental implants:

  • Natural look: They are designed in a way to resemble like your natural teeth. It makes the patients feel confident while smiling, eating and engaging in social activities without being conscious about wearing it and worrying if it would fall out.
  • Lasts for a long duration: Dental Bridge lasts around 10 years whereas dental implants last for a lifetime if cared well. It is non-toxic, not rejected by the body and serves as a powerful replacement tooth.
  • Prevents bone loss: When there is missing tooth, its associated jaw bone deteriorates because of no stimulation. If you fail to place an implant within a year of tooth loss, there is 25% loss in bone volume and the bone keeps deteriorating over the years. Unlike dentures that accelerate bone loss, implants stimulate bone growth.
  • Maintains the stability of adjacent teeth: Due to the gap left by missing tooth, the adjacent tooth is likely to crookedly shift towards the gap. Due to the changes in tooth position, your biting is affected. This also interferes with your teeth appearance and ability to chew. A poor bite can also cause headaches and teeth pain.
  • Keeps gum disease at bay: The gap caused by missing tooth is warehouse of bacteria which causes gum disease.
  • Prevents premature aging and face sagging: Bone loss from missing teeth causes face to sag. The lower part of the face begins to collapse closing the distance between nose tip and chin. Other changes include thinning lips, wrinkles around the mouth, and a pointed chin giving the person an older appearance.

Dental implants are more affordable than bridges and easy to maintain. Consult your dentist and check if you are an ideal candidate for dental implant.

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