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Important Things You Should Learn Before Installing A Slate Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of any house. If it has become old or severely damaged, then it is the time to replace the roof. A slate roof is one of the most preferred options available for people.

If you are planning to construct your roof, then here are a few important advantages and disadvantages of a slate roof that you need to consider making the decision.

Benefits of Slate roofing

Below are listed some of the important benefits of installing a slate roof:


One of the main advantages of a slate roof is its impressive appearance. When this roof is installed in your house, it will enhance the look of your house. Compared to the traditional asphalt shingle-based roof, a slate roof is designed to give a contemporary look to your home.

Slate tiles come in a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from. Also, users get a lot of ways to customize these roofs. NSW is a full-time slate roofing Sydney with a team of trained professionals. It specializes in natural quality slate roofing.


Another benefit of a slate roof is its durability. Asphalt has been a widely used roofing material due to its remarkable variety and low cost. However, when quality is considered, there is no comparison between an asphalt roof and slate tile. Slate tiles are more durable and long-lasting than other materials used for roof construction like asphalt.

Slate roofs show longer life expectancy than the traditional asphalt-based roofing. Where roofs made from asphalt lasts for only two decades, slate tiles can easily last for centuries. If you maintain the slate roof properly, you would not need to replace it throughout life. In this way, it will also save your expenses in the longer run.

Eco-friendly nature

Slate roofing is also good for the environment. It results in a lesser waste than asphalt-based roofing.


Slate tiles are made to be stronger and durable than other commonly available roofing materials. Roofs made from it exhibit incredible fire-resistant properties that save the roof from catching fire.

Disadvantages of a Slate Roof

Slate roofing also has some downsides to it. These are:


Due to these benefits, the cost of slate roofing is somewhat expensive than other commonly available roofing materials. The overall price (purchase and installation price) of the slate roofs is high due to its complicated installation and heavy size. The installation cost of slate roofing is much higher for slate roofs than for asphalt.

Heavy size

The heavy size of the roofing is one of the reasons that can increase its price. There is a possibility that your house structure may not be able to withstand the heavy size of it. You need to ask a reputed roofing contractor before you choose slate tiles for your roofing material.


The roof is an expensive construction. Once installed it goes for 20 or more years easily. This makes the right selection of roof to be important. The above considerations would help you figure out whether or not slate tiles are apt for the roof construction.

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