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Make Your Home Safe as You Age

As you age or suffer from illness, surgery, or disability, the bathroom in your home evolves from a safe, relaxing haven into a room full of hazards that can be debilitating. Since 1/3 of those over the age of 65 will fall each year, the bathroom has become a mine field of potential problems. The combination of hard surfaces, slippery soap residue, and wet conditions combine to cause slips and falls. Having to stand on one leg as you navigate over the side of the bathtub causes balance issues and can be a serious hazard without something to hang onto. You can overcome this problem by performing a total renovation of your bathroom, if you want to spend a great deal of money and have an unusable bathroom for weeks. But there is another solution to consider. Why not eliminate this problem by installing a bath and shower combo?

The Benefits of a Bath and Shower Combination

The newest versions of walk-in tubs are hybrid units, so you can take a shower if you’re pressed for time or want the convenience of showering. But you can also enjoy the spa-like luxury of a heated bath with jets to soothe your muscles while they stimulate and nourish the skin. The dual shower heads make it convenient regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing. These hybrid units are specially outfitted with safety features, including handrails for ease of entry and exit, anti-scald technology, anti-skid flooring, and a heated seat for your comfort. The quick fill and rapid release of water means less time sitting in the water waiting for the tub to fill and empty. The low point of entry means you can eliminate the need to balance on one leg while you crawl over the side of the tub.

What Else Is Important

Look for a unit made from acrylic with a gel coating material to provide years of performance and reliability. The manufacturer should provide evidence of rigorous testing of the product and offer a lifetime warranty. The dealer should offer to deliver and professionally install the unit. Check the dealer’s website before you buy to make certain they can deliver and install your new tub. They should also have a good return policy in case of damage during delivery and installation. These are some considerations to keep in mind when searching for a bath and shower combo.

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