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Tired of Boiled Broccoli?

Tired of Boiled Broccoli?

A little creativity goes a long way in our health promotion strategiesIn theory, we all agree on eating more veggies. The challenge is often to get excited about doing it. If your veggie repertoire consists mainly of raw baby carrots, boiled broccoli and celery sticks, I can understand why you can’t get your portions each day.

My husband and I recently visited one of my favorite restaurants, Season’s 52. Ladies, this is really a perfect spot for girls’ night, not only because it offers healthier meals and seasonal foods, but also because their selection of cocktails is fun and all their desserts are miniature – how perfect! OK, pardon my taking a tangent here, back to my dinner with Rob. We tried their trio of harvest squash spiced with mint-honey glaze. Amazing! It was slightly unexpected, very healthy, all without a ton of butter or other undesirable additives. Sure, there was a little added sugar in the honey, but nothing unreasonable.

So here’s the point: we often shy away from recipes we aren’t familiar with, especially when it comes to vegetables. We tend to be more adventurous with fish and meat, and as a result a lot of us are more enthusiastic about that part of our meals. Since trying that trio of squash, I’ve been experimenting a little, trying to cook squash in different ways. In all honesty, I’m doing pretty well! But the important thing is that I’m enjoying the process of having fun veggie recipes. And as a French Canadian, squash wasn’t a regular part of my customs, so this addition to my repertoire is very welcome.

Want more ideas to make this suggestion work for you or your clients?  See JAzZ ThiNgS Up! on p. 130 of our book.

  • My article in next month’s Organic Spa Magazine is called ” Your Problem is you Think Food Should Taste Good.” I think we spend too much time talking about how to make healthy food delicious in stead of just accepting the fact that not every meal is going to taste like a cheeseburger. Sometimes we need to suck it up and eat boiled broccoli for the simple fact that it is good for us. That being said, it’s great when you can find a delicious recipe that makes veggies more enjoyable. I usually take a month off of meat every year. In general, it is a month I don’t enjoy, but I always manage to find one or two delicious vegetarian meals that I would not have otherwise sampled because of my proclivity for more carnivorous fare.

  • That’s a good point, Jeremy. I read on the SproutSavvy blog not too long ago that “fit people eat for nutrition, whereas fat people eat for pleasure.” And I agree: food’s primary function isn’t and shouldn’t be entertainment, so sometimes accepting a slightly less pleasant taste should be part of the strategy. (In fact, we have a chapter on that in the book too!) Just like we teach our kids to appreciate different flavors, it’d be good if we could keep teaching ourselves as well, always in a healthier direction.

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