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Busy but Not Rushed!

Busy but Not Rushed!

You know about paying yourself first?  It’s the idea that managing to save a little money monthly is just as important as making your mortgage payment and paying your electricity bill.  My husband and I believe that this is a very important habit, and have been doing a decent job at it.

We aren’t so good at paying ourselves first when it comes to quality time, however.  My hubby is an ambitious business man.  Finishing the SaS book and bringing it on the market took a lot of time.  On top of our regular businesses, we are working on a joint project north of the border, which requires a lot of traveling back and forth.  Wanting to do it all, we’ve been racing through our days for a little too long now.

As a result, while my cooking has been reasonably healthy, I haven’t taken time to create meals that I’m truly proud of.  Sure we still work out, but we choose the gym because it takes less time, when we know full well that going for a hike or a bike ride would be more exhilarating.  Yes, we meet our sleep requirements, but to do so we’ve cut short the time we used to spend chatting and connecting before bed.

If you’re familiar with the SaS model already, you won’t be surprised to learn that all these shortcuts added up to a worse mood, and that my internal grouching in turn has reduced my ability to focus, engage, and be productive.

Taking stock, Rob and I decided we needed to pay ourselves first in terms of time; not just money.   What’s the value of life, if we skimp on everything that makes it worthwhile?  So our new motto is “We’re busy, but we’re not rushed.”  We’ve been working with it for a week now, and it feels like a true breath of fresh air.

A lot of research shows that taking breaks is a great way to come back to work refreshed, re-energized, and better able to re-engage.  Rushing constantly only increases our cortisol levels, which then makes us feel more anxious and overwhelmed.  Taking a little extra time to live the life we want to lead has helped us get back on track.  We already feel better, and magically our work gets done just the same!  😉

If you’ve been feeling out-of-breath lately, I invite you to try our new motto as well.  Can’t figure out where to start?  See Give Me a Break on p. 90 of the SaS book which I am proud to say is currently on the Amazon Bestseller List in the Healthy Living Category for the 4th consecutive day today!

  • Fresh Eyes

    Indeed, taking that extra time truly does add up. Thanks for sharing.

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